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Logistics: is a process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and effective flow of products and relevant information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customer requirements. Logistics activities may include: customer service, demand forecasting, information flow, inventory control, reparation and parts supply, location of production plants and warehouses, supply processes, packaging, returns, waste management, transport and storage. Logistics studies are to introduce future logistics professionals into the world of business, economics, transport, as well as the principles of profitable business management. Our students acquire these skills not only during lectures, exercises and practical classes, but also visits to places of future work. this allows our students to be more attractive on the labor market.  

The choice of logistics at WSHiU is an excellent decision for dynamic, task-oriented, resourceful, communicative people who are able to work in a group and under time pressure. Possessed predispositions in connection with systematized academic knowledge and experience gained during practical classes will allow to obtain solid education in the developmental profession sought on the labor market.

Graduates are specialists who find employment:

  • in operational positions in various departments of enterprises: purchasing, planning, production, storage, distribution, marketing, sales, after-sales services
  • in forwarding, logistics and transport companies
  • in advisory and consulting companies
  • in the business logistics divisions
  • in logistics centers.


First degree studies - the form of education for which candidates with a high school diploma are accepted, ending with obtaining a bachelor's degree


Second-degree studies  - the form of education for which candidates with at least a first degree qualification are accepted, ending with obtaining a second degree qualification.