About University

The University of Commerce and Services (WSHIU) in Poznań is the only non-public institute of higher learning in Poland established by the Organization of Economic Self-Government. Its founder was the Wielkopolska Association of Trade and Services in Poznań – a social organization of people from Greater Poland who deal with (directly or as shareholders in business entities) economic activities in the field of trade and services. This organization dates back to 1904. In the interwar period, it contributed to the establishment in 1926 of the Poznań School of Economics, later transformed into the Higher School of Economics, now called the University of Economics in Poznan. At the beginning of the 1920s it was also one of the co-organizers of the Poznań Fair which gave birth to the Poznań International Fair.

The University of Commerce and Services in Poznań was established under the initiative of a self-governing merchant organization, which largely influences its mission. When educating in service specialties, the university not only provides specific knowledge and professional skills, but also tries to propagate the ethos of the trade profession among students. The university maintains close contact with business practice, treating it as an indispensable element of education.

Invariably, the expectations of the modern world change towards university students. The dynamic development of the University of Commerce and Services, high-class lectures and a wide range offer makes the University a huge opportunity for development.

According to the Statute of WSHiU, the basic task of the University is to educate highly qualified personnel in occupations related to the sphere of trade and services, in particular:

  • educating students in the fields and levels of education, in accordance with the decisions of the minister competent for higher education, issued after obtaining the opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee, training, to supplement specialised knowledge and professional qualifications, at postgraduate
  • and vocational training courses,
  • education for the purpose of retraining,
  • education of students in the spirit of respect for human rights, patriotism, democracy and responsibility for the good of the society, the state and their own workplace,
  • dissemination of organizational, technical and technological progress as well as promotion of knowledge and the region in which the University operates,
  • conducting scientific research and implementing their results in practice,
  • taking care of the comprehensive development of students.

In its activities, the University is guided by the principles of freedom of conscience, freedom of teaching and scientific research.

The offer and level of our studies correspond to the current requirements of the labor market. Research carried out by the labor office of the city of Poznań indicates that the graduates of the University of Commerce and Services are the lowest percentage of unemployed people who graduated from universities in Poland .