Characteristics of the specialty

“The field of science” is a very difficult and dynamically changing job market. I am an expert in the field of employment. International relations – one of the subdisciplines of political science. The subject of the research are all “subjects of international life.”

Graduates in International Relations and Foreign Trade specializations in socio-political and cultural life, especially in Europe. They have knowledge in the field of economic, social, legal and political sciences.

The studies are aimed at people planning a career in:

  • public sector, local government and state administration,
  • non-governmental organizations,
  • European Union institutions, UN, NATO,
  • international cooperation departments in enterprises,
  • media (press, radio, internet).
  • banks
  • insurance, financial and leasing companies
  • advertising, marketing and publishing agencies
  • hotels and travel agencies
  • forwarding companies serving foreign traffic

Examples of items:

  • Economics
  • Political and economic geography
  • International cultural relations
  • International Political Relations
  • International economic relations
  • Public international law
  • International organizations
  • Foreign policy