Characteristics of the specialty

Trade and Services is a specialty with big traditions.
The specialty program covers a wide range of problems in the field of modern commerce and marketing business management as well as e-commerce.

Trade and Services is a specialty that prepares you for work in the trade sector, in the marketing and sales departments of manufacturing, trading and service companies. The study program also takes into account the growing demand for knowledge in the field of e-marketing and e-commerce.

During the course, students acquire skills in the area of:

  • planning and managing the product range,
  • planning and implementing marketing research,
  • sales department management,
  • creating and managing an online store,
  • planning and implementing promotion strategies,
  • planning and implementing advertising campaigns on the Internet,
  • interpersonal communication and negotiation,
  • analysis and principles of price formation,
  • market analyzes in various cross-sections,
  • introducing new products to the market.

Examples of items:

  • Marketing in commerce and services
  • Trade Negotiations
  • Market situation
  • Communications in commerce and services
  • Consumer behavior
  • Brand management in commerce