Characteristics of the specialty

Graduate of the specialty Hospitality, Wellness & amp; Spa has knowledge of the natural and environmental conditions of tourism development Wellness and SPA (sanus per aquam – health through water). The latest trends in the development of Wellness and SPA centers will be known. There will also be knowledge of the specific needs of the guests of the Wellness and SPA centers and the role of the principles of building an attractive residence program. A graduate of this specialization will be able to manage the Wellness and SPA center, develop marketing strategies and gain knowledge of the latest treatments and biological regeneration, professional equipment and cosmetics.

From 2015, at the request of students, the specialty was expanded to Hospitality .
The aim of Hospitality specialties is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of accounting and to carry out and use economic and financial analyzes in the process of business management. The graduate knows the rules of keeping accounting books and preparation and review of financial statements.

Can post economic operations, create and analyze annual and other mandatory financial statements and tax declarations, make good decisions about the future of the company based on them, organize the work of financial and accounting departments, advise in financial matters, management and other cells, use modern computer programs.

The graduate has knowledge and skills in the field of:

  • organizing and independent management of a tourist and hotel enterprise with diversified size and organizational structure,
  • shaping the quality of tourist and hotel services,
  • application of various marketing methods and techniques in tourism,
  • take up independent business in the tourism industry,
  • establishing contacts and cooperation with contractors and clients,
  • fulfilling managerial and control functions in various segments of the economy related to the tourism industry.