Accounting And Finances In The Company

Accounting And Finances In The Company


The aim of the Finance and Accounting specialization in the company is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of accounting as well as to carry out and use economic and financial analyzes in the enterprise management process. The graduate knows the rules of keeping accounting books and preparing and reviewing financial statements. Can post economic operations, create and analyze annual and other mandatory financial statements and tax declarations, make correct decisions about the future of the company based on them, organize the work of financial and accounting departments, advise on financial matters to management and other departments, use modern computer programs.

Studies teach approaches to financial management based on the latest knowledge. They also prepare for the efficient use of financial instruments.

Graduates will gain practical skills:

  • business transactions postings,
  • financial management,
  • conducting economic and financial analysis of an economic entity,
  • financial and investment advice,
  • tax advisory

Examples of items:

  • Financial analysis
  • Cash flow
  • Financial reporting
  • Cost statement in the decision making process
  • Extended financial accounting
  • IT Accounting

Step by step recruitment

Step 1: Requirements

Prepare the following documents and send them by e-mail to the university.

Step 2: Registration

You will receive an email from the university.

You can also call directly to university and ask for our International students advisor.

Step 3: Verification

University shall verify your eligibility.

Step 4: Fees

Upon acceptance, the university shall notify you by an email or send you the Acceptance Letter and ask to pay the tuition fees within the mentioned deadline.

Registration fees - 200 EUR no refundable.
After payment of fees, the university will issue the admission letter.

Step 5: Visa

If you are from Asia, America, Africa or Australia you need D-type 'visa. You will receive it at the nearest Polish embassy.

Step 6: Welcome in Poland

Once the visa is approved, plan your journey to Poland. It is recommended to arrive at least two weeks before starting the class to settle in Poznan.

Required documents:

  • Apostille of high school certificate / diploma and additions
  • Translation of the apostille of high school certificate / diploma and additions
  • All documents need to be authenticated (legalized) by the issuing country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Polish consul in your country
  • Photocopy of a foreign passport
  • Picture 3.5 * 4.5
  • Medical certificate
  • Fullfill aplication form (PDF)

Application form


Registration fees 200 EUR non refundable

All amounts include 10% discount for payment on time.

Santander Bank
PL 48 1090 1476 0000 0001 3258 0386
PL 32 1090 1476 0000 0001 3258 0383
SWIFT Bank Account Number WBK: WBKPPLPP

In the subject of the transfer, please enter:
Firstname and Surname (in particular, if the owner of the account is different from the student, eg a parent) album number and month of payment

Example: Jan Nowak No. 122, 4/2016

We are happy to help - call or write to us!






2200 EUR



2200 EUR

1100 EUR


2200 EUR

1100 EUR

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