International Business:

International Business is one of the most attractive fields of study at the Higher School of Commerce and Services. In this field we are pursuing undergraduate, graduate.

This specialisation will develop your ability to understand and manage a company’s international operations. You’ll build a foundation of research and theory, and then gain the real-world experience you need to prepare for a truly global career.

Benefits include:

Curriculum that offers both a solid theoretical basis and practical experience, combining hands-on assignments and case studies.

Our comprehensive and varied instructional approach, including student-led discussions and close relationships with faculty members who are experts in the field

An optional internship or the opportunity to study abroad at one of our partner universities.

The Bachelor’s program in International Business provides you with a solid educational foundation in the four core pillars of international business: management and organization, marketing, finance, and accounting.

You will also develop business skills in the areas of (intercultural) communication, systematic research, teamwork, planning, reporting and presenting.
Successful careers in business start with a strong foundation, and this is exactly what our program in International Business will provide.

In addition, you will take a number of socially oriented courses, such as Economics, Comparative & Cross-Cultural Management, Philosophy, and Business Law.
A final important component of the program is the academic aspect: you will learn the principles of good research, and will be trained to make convincing presentations and reports.

Through lectures and teamwork, you will gain communication skills as well as planning, writing, and presentation skills. Thinking about starting your own company? The university provides courses to enhance your entrepreneurial skills. You will gain valuable experience including insights of diverse cultures and international business practices.

What you will learn:

  • Business Economics
  • Consumers and Markets
  • Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice
  • Fundamentals of Financial and Management Accounting
  • Managing Operations in the Digital Enterprise

The economy can not be considered in isolation from political life, which is why the University of Commerce and Services has hosted many world-famous politicians, including Lech Wałęsa , Bronisław Komorowski, Donald Tusk and many others. Such presentations helps in both personal and educational development .