A course for a leisure educator

REMEMBER! The entire course will pay for itself after just one trip!

A course for a leisure educator

The course is organized on the basis of the consent of the Greater Poland Education Superintendent.


General information: The course participant will receive practical information and obtain qualifications that will allow him to work as a camp counselor. The course is held in a residential system.


  • preparing candidates to act as a recreational educator for children and adolescents and acquiring skills and knowledge in the field of: organization of leisure, organization of classes, planning of care and educational work and the duties of educators


high school graduates, students and all interested people who want to acquire the rights of a camp counselor.


Entry requirements for participants: candidates for leisure educators must meet the following formal requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • secondary education *


Conditions for completing the course and obtaining a certificate:

  • Active participation in classes,
  • The training ends with a written test in the last class, checking the level of knowledge and skills of the participants,
  • The condition for completing the course is also participation in min. 90% of conducted classes - you can have 4 hours of absenteeism.

Completion of the camp tutors' course gives the right to practice as an educator-guardian at summer camps, winter camps, and youth camps organized in Poland and abroad throughout the European Union.

REMEMBER! The entire course will pay for itself after just one trip!

step by step recruitment


Due to the limited number of places, the order of applications decides about admission. The condition for admission to postgraduate studies is the submission of a complete set of documents.

1 step

Fill out the APPLICATION FORM or complete all required documents and submit them to the Recruitment Office. You can do it: in person, via a third party, by traditional mail to the University's address (with the note Admissions Office),

Required documents:

      • A photocopy of an ID card,
      • A photocopy of the secondary school leaving certificate
      • Statement DOWNLOAD
      • Application questionnaire DOWNLOAD
      • the payment can be made to the account number (NEO bank 27 9068 1013 0000 0000 0173 2214)

application form


1.Organization of recreation for children and youth:
1) Coordinating role of educational authorities
2) Applicable Regulations
3) elements of developmental and educational psychology, taking into account the needs of children with special educational needs, including those resulting from disability, social maladjustment and the risk of social maladjustment2lecture and practical classes
2.Organization of classes during the holiday:
1) the council of educators
2) a group as an educational team
3) organization and daily schedule
4) the rules of the leisure participant
2lecture and practical classes
3.Planning of caring, upbringing and educational work:
1) developing a group educational plan
2) documentation of the educator
3) duties of the group educator
4) methods and forms of implementing educational plans
4lecture and practical classes
4.Movement and recreation:
1) the objectives and tasks of physical education classes
2) methods of learning swimming techniques
3) movement games and activities
4) team games
5) sports, sports olympics, athletics
6) organization of classes for children with special educational needs, including those resulting from disability, social maladjustment and the risk of social maladjustment
5.Tourism and Sightseeing:
1) the objectives and tasks of tourism and sightseeing in educational work during rest
2) organization of excursions
3) organization of camping sites
4) field games
4lecture and practical classes
6.Cultural and educational activities:
1) objectives and tasks of cultural and educational activities
2) organization of cultural and educational activities, taking into account historical and literary values
3) cultural elements and education in the daily schedule
4) keeping a chronicle
5) organization of celebrations, parties, evenings, bonfires
6) common room games and activities
7) competitions, exhibitions, discussions
8) singing, music, art, etc.
5lecture and practical classes
7.Practical and technical classes:
1) the objectives and tasks of practical and technical classes
2) forms and types of practical and technical classes
3) decorative and ornamental works
4) individual interests of participants
5) developing the interests of the participants
2lecture and practical classes
8.Socially useful works:
1) goals and tasks of socially useful works
2) educational importance of socially useful work, volunteering
3) self-service work
4) work for the place of rest
5) work for the environment
2lecture and practical classes
9.Safety of life and health of leisure participants:
1) safety regulations, including rules of conduct in the event of criminal offenses committed by minors and offenses and offenses committed by guardians
2) provisions on health and hygiene at the place of rest
4lecture and practical classes
3) first aid with the use of first aid equipment, including a kit for basic life support (including phantom, defibrillator)4practical
lecture and practical classes



All installment amounts include a 10% discount for timely payment.
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    EURO - WBK 32 1090 1476 0000 0001 3258 0383

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    Name and surname (in particular if the account owner is different from the student, e.g. parent) album number and month of payment

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cost of the course

150 zł