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Human capital management

Human capital management

People management is a permanent solution to problems arising in the higher-order system.

Human behavior, feelings and attitudes can be very different. This is due to the diversity of people who have different experiences, views and aspirations, sometimes they also see their role in the organization and the role of the manager in different goals. Therefore, management is a process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of members of the organization and using all other resources to achieve goals.

In a dynamic organization, personnel is a factor of competitive advantage. The aim of human resource management is to use them in such a way that the entrepreneur achieves optimal benefits from his skills, and at the same time, when employees receive material and psychological rewards as a result of their work. Graduates of the Master's Degree in Human Capital Management are high-level specialists in the field of human resource management.

After completing the specialization, the student acquires the following skills:

  • achieving the objectives set by involving staff
  • make the most of your busy staff's skills and capabilities
  • employee motivation and commitment as well as the ability to control the quality of their activities
  • combination of HR policy with business development plans
  • developing a coherent set of personnel and employment policies aimed at optimal personnel
  • adopting ethical principles of employee management
  • creating optimal working conditions
  • accounting and processing documentation related to human resources management

step by step recruitment

1 step

Complete all required documents and deliver them to the Recruitment Office. You can do it: in person, via a third party, by traditional mail to the University's address (with the note Admissions Office),

2 step

Then you will receive a login and password for the Virtual Dean's Office (where you can find information about fees, class schedules, exam grades and important announcements).

3 step

If your documents are complete, you will receive admission decisions and then a contract to sign, which will detail the study conditions.

4 step

When your folder is ready, you'll get to sign the Oath. You will receive your ID and from that moment you will become a full-time WSHiU student!

Required documents:

  • personal questionnaire - download
  • application for admission to second degree studies - download
  • photocopier of a university diploma
  • photocopier of the supplement
  • 2 pictures (35mm x 45 mm)
  • digital photo
  • proof of payment for the ID card - PLN 22 (NEOBANK 27 9068 1013 0000 0000 0173 2214)
  • signed regulations "Entry fee PLN 0" - download

application form



All installment amounts include a 10% discount for timely payment.
  • GOLD - NEOBANK 27 9068 1013 0000 0000 0173 2214
    GOLD - WBK 31 1090 1476 0000 0001 3246 2352
    DOLLAR - WBK 48 1090 1476 0000 0001 3258 0386
    EURO - WBK 32 1090 1476 0000 0001 3258 0383

    WBK Bank SWIFT number: WBKPPLPP

    In the name of the transfer, please enter:

    Name and surname (in particular if the account owner is different from the student, e.g. parent) album number and month of payment

    Design: Jan Nowak No. 122, 4/2016

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Tuition fees for studies

Second degree studies

And installment

II installments


I year

5 940 zł

2970 zł

495 zł

II year

6 540 zł

3 270 zł

545 zł

Until August 30, full-time studies -20%