Tourism And Recreation

It is obvious that recreation, the physical and intellectual rejuventaion of people is one of the main aims of tourism. Due to peoples financial wealth, paid holidays from work, the development of transport and production, increased buying power of consumers have made recreational tourism a mass phenomenon. Its driving force – to relieve civilizational stress – is active recreation, the creation of well-being,, the restoration of one’s working capacity, the preservation and improvement of one’s health. It included a variety of tourism activities from getting acquainted with faraway and exotic places or enjoying seaside holidays and participating in cultural programs and difeerent forms of entertainment. Recreational tourism shares many characteristics with wellness and medical tourism as well as with health tourism.

Graduate of the specialty Hospitality, Wellness & amp; Spa has knowledge of the natural and environmental conditions of tourism development Wellness and SPA

The modern labor market needs professionals in the field of international tourism, which is one of the fastest growing and most profitable branches of the economy