Digital interlibrary loan Academica is an innovative tool that allows for the availability of several hundred thousand scientific publications in scientific and public libraries throughout the country. Thanks to the system of electronic interlibrary loans, library users have the possibility of immediate access to contemporary publications in all areas of knowledge, respecting the copyright law.

The main purpose of the system Academica is to replace the traditional form of interlibrary loans with a digital publication rental. Sending books by post has been replaced with access to the National Library's collections via dedicated terminals located in scientific and public libraries throughout Poland.

Academica allows access to over half a million full-text publications - monographs, manuals, scripts, articles and entire issues of journals. The constantly expanding resources of Academica include contemporary scientific literature from all fields, including the latest editions of academic textbooks and current issues of professional specialist journals, as well as source texts, fictional literature and special collections that are the subject of research by scientists. Such a huge knowledge base will certainly become an important tool in science, research and teaching.

Rules for using the ACADEMICA system:

  • The Academica system can be used by users registered in this system - free registration of readers is made by a librarian at WSHiU.
  • After registering the user in the system, the reader receives individual access data (login - being the PESEL number and password). With their help, he or she can log into the Academica system on a separate terminal, as well as make reservations of selected publications in the system on the home computer (a booking is a request by the user to receive access to specific publications, at selected hours, on indicated days at the library terminal).
  • A copyrighted scientific publication may be made available to the user if it is not made available or reserved by another reader at that time. At the end of the use of the scientific publication on the terminal, it becomes available to other users.
  • Reservations can be made via the reservation form available on the website on selected dates, for the next 14 days.
  • On the terminal where scientific publications are made available, it is not possible to download and print viewed materials.

Flexible booking system

Thanks to the reservation system implemented in the digital rental shop Academica, it is possible for the reader to plan the date of work at the terminal in the library, which he uses on a daily basis. Reservations of selected books and magazines can be made from any computer connected to the Internet after registering in the library. Publications belonging to the public domain, Open Access category and obtained under non-exclusive licenses will be available without any restrictions also from private computers.

Detailed rules for using the system are available at The reader's handbook and in the tab Most frequently asked questions.

Under an agreement between The Raczyński Library in Poznan a School of Commerce and Services in Poznań The library provides access to its collections for students, employees and students of the University, in particular in order to provide students with the possibility of using the recommended literature within the scope of the subjects covered by the curriculum.


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