About the university

University of Commerce and Services in Poznań is a modern university with almost a quarter of a century of tradition. The only private university in Poland established by an economic self-government organization. Its founder was Wielkopolska Association of Trade and Services in Poznań - a social organization of people from Greater Poland who deal (directly or as shareholders of business entities) with economic activity in the field of trade and services. This organization dates back to a year 1904. In the interwar period, she contributed to the creation of 1926 year University of Commerce in Poznań, then transformed into University of Economicsand now called University of Economics in Poznań. She was also, in the early XNUMXs, one of the co-organizers of the Poznań Fair, which gave rise to the Poznań International Fair.

University of Commerce and Services in Poznań was established on the initiative of a self-governing merchant organization, which largely affects its mission. The university maintains close contact with business practice, treating it as an indispensable element of education.

According to the Statute of WSHiU, the primary task of the University is to educate highly qualified staff, in particular:

  • educating students in fields of study and levels of education, in accordance with the decisions of the minister responsible for higher education, issued after obtaining the opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee,
  • education, in order to supplement specialist knowledge and professional qualifications, during postgraduate studies and professional development courses,
  • training for retraining,
  • educating students in the spirit of respect for human rights, patriotism, democracy and responsibility for the good of society, the state and their own workplace,
  • disseminating organizational, technical and technological progress and promoting knowledge and the region in which the University operates,
  • conducting scientific research and putting its results into practice,
  • taking care of the comprehensive development of students.

In its activities, the University is guided by the principles of freedom of conscience, freedom of teaching and research.

Higher School of Commerce and Services cooperates with public and private universities. Currently, WSHiU has signed cooperation agreements with:

  • University of Economics in Poznań
  • University of Life Sciences in Poznań
  • Poznań European University of Business
  • Higher School of Physical Culture and Tourism H. Konopacka in Pruszków
  • International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław
  • National and foreign institutions and organizations (from Germany, Portugal and Turkey).

The university participates in the didactic and educational and research programs of the European Union (Socrates / Erasmus, Integrated Operational Program for Social Development from the European Social Fund).

Moreover, the University cooperates with:

  • self-government and entrepreneurship development organizations (including, for example, the Supreme Council of Trade and Service Associations in Warsaw, the Wielkopolska Trade and Service Association or the Regional Administration Training Center),
  • leading enterprises of Wielkopolska (including Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Kupcem Poznański SA),
  • institutions supporting business activity and professional activation among the unemployed, especially among young people (Voivodship Labor Office, Poviat Labor Office, Foundation for Entrepreneurship Education and others),
  • media (including the Greater Poland Media House, Local Press Association),
  • institutions conducting scientific, popular science and research activities,
  • local self-government and social and political organizations.


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