First aid training course for teachers

First aid training course for teachers

We invite you to participate in the PERFECT FIRST AID COURSE FOR TEACHERS.
The aim of the course is to provide qualifications to teach first aid in schools and educational institutions. During the course, people whose entitlements expire or have expired will also be able to complete re-certification. We recommend the course mainly to people who deal with the subject of first aid at school on a daily basis, for example as part of teaching the subject "Education for safety".


17-18.10.2020 (Saturday, Sunday)
24-25.10.2020 (Saturday, Sunday)
Hours: 30

The course ends with an exam.
After completing the course and successfully passing the exam, the participants receive a certificate authorizing them to conduct first aid educational classes.

The certificate is valid for 5 years from its issue.

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Required documents:

  • personal questionnaire - download
  • 1 photo (35mm x 45mm)
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  • the payment can be made to the account number (NEO bank 27 9068 1013 0000 0000 0173 2214)

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1. Fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology.
2. Call for help.
3. Own safety of the victim and the place of the event.
4. The injured person is unconscious.
5. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation / Defibrillation with an automatic AED defibrillator.
6. Choking.
7. Injuries and consequences of injuries.
8. Stopping external hemorrhages and dressing superficial wounds.
9. Shock - principles of anti-shock procedures.
10. Immobilization of fractures and dislocations.
11. First aid in case of cooling down and overheating.
12. Sudden illnesses and other health threats.
13. Poisoning.
14. Mental support of the victim.
15. Evacuation from the danger zone.
16. Provision of first aid in simulated situations.


The payment for the course can be made to the account number
NEO bank 27 9068 1013 0000 0000 0173 2214


In the name of the transfer, please enter:

Name and surname (especially if the account owner is different from the student, e.g. parent)

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course fee

700 zł  / 550 PLN

Students, Graduates of WSHiU - PLN 500