Student council

Student council

Dear students!

The local government is an organization that aims to defend your rights, make your life more pleasant and support your initiatives. So if you have any problems related to your studies or decisions of the University Authorities, do not hesitate to report them to us, we offer our experience and help. Similarly with initiatives - we welcome all your ideas and we will be happy to help you implement them!
The main task of the Student Government is to represent the interests of students. Self-government bodies, pursuant to the Act of 27 July 2005, Law on Higher Education, are "the sole representative of all university students". The Student Council of the Student Government of WSHiU (as a democratically elected representative of students) closely cooperates with the University authorities and the Administration in all matters concerning students of the University of Commerce and Services.
We try to help colleagues wherever possible, we create the cultural life of the student community, participate in the election of the University Authorities and Senate meetings. We have an influence on the program and course of studies. Regardless of what your problem is, you can come to us in any case.

Do you have any questions? Write to the following address:

Artur Wojciechowski - Chairman of the Local Government

See you later!