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Crisis management in administration

Crisis management in administration

The specialty is a response to the constantly growing social demand related to the need to manage a crisis situation (e.g. as a result of natural disasters, technical failures, terrorist activities) in local government units.

The purpose of the specialty Crisis management is to prepare qualified middle-level candidates for positions in local government and local government administration bodies related to crisis management carried out by crisis management centers and crisis management teams.

The graduate will have knowledge of various types of threats, analyzing and diagnosing them, and preventing them, including through efficient management of a team of people and a crisis that takes into account the risks commonly surrounding us.

A graduate of this specialization will have knowledge of:

  • the essence of the crisis and its determinants,
  • principles of operation in crisis situations (organizational, social, economic and those resulting from human activity and natural forces).
  • will be able to organize a team and manage it in a basic crisis situation.
  • identifying potential threats causing a crisis situation and preventing them.

A person graduating from these studies also knows the techniques of coping with stress, understands and is able to control group and social behavior in the face of tensions experienced in emergency situations. A graduate of the studies is a professional desired in economic organizations and public administration units. The knowledge and skills acquired during studies are also an asset for people applying for managerial positions.


  • Strategic security management
  • Security management in local government units
  • Non-governmental sphere of state security
  • Public security structures of selected countries
  • Security and public order system
  • Rescue services in Poland
  • Prevention in security systems
  • Quality and security audit
  • Natural and civilization threats
  • Crisis management in other countries

With a Graduate CV

Justyna, a graduate of WSHiU

The studies prepared me for independence, creativity and quick and responsible decision-making based on the current legal knowledge. I know the subject of security threats very well, thanks to which I have gained a reputation as a specialist in my industry

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      • signed regulations "Entry fee PLN 0" - download

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