School of Commerce and Services


Management Studies in School of Commerce and Services prepare graduates to perform the role of leader in each of the stages shown above and in the entire management process. Our experience to date has shown that on Management students play in one team with their lecturers, combine their goals and shared passion. Thanks to this, we can pride ourselves on graduates who leave the University walls with extensive theoretical knowledge and shaped leadership abilities and skills. How do we achieve this?
The key to our success is to maintain balance and proportion between three important areas of preparation for fulfillment in professional life:
The study program was created as a result of the work of experts valued all over the world, which is why it is aimed at achieving our goals:

- the most up-to-date knowledge is passed on during lectures,
- skills are developed during exercises, seminars and seminars; most of these types of classes are based on the case study method, i.e. a case study in which specific cases drawn from business practice are discussed,
- shaping leadership qualities, assertiveness and self-awareness takes place during coaching sessions with professional trainers; a manager's personality is an extremely important element of his success.
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