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Quality management

Do you want to work as a quality manager or internal auditor? Just enroll in these postgraduate studies.


Quality management


The addressees of postgraduate studies in the field of Quality Management are people with a university degree and wanting to pursue a profession in the field related to the subject of quality, in particular those responsible for implementing new quality management systems and improving those already existing in the light of currently applicable standards.

During your studies, we will provide you with knowledge about modern management concepts. You will learn about the latest TQM quality management systems and learn about ISO standards. You will also be able to obtain an internal auditor certificate.


  • The studies last 2 semesters and 200 hours.
  • On average, every two weeks (Saturday, Sunday).
  • Studies end with an oral exam.
  • A graduate receives a certificate of completion of postgraduate studies.

step by step recruitment


Persons who have completed higher or lower degree studies may apply for admission to Postgraduate Studies. Recruitment takes place without entrance exams. Due to the limited number of places, the order of applications decides about admission. The condition of admission to postgraduate studies is submission of a set of documents.

1 step

Fill out the APPLICATION FORM or complete all required documents and submit them to the Recruitment Office. You can do it: in person, via a third party, by traditional mail to the University's address (with the note Admissions Office),

2 step

Then you will receive a login and password for the Virtual Dean's Office (where you can find information about fees, class schedules, exam grades and important announcements).

Required documents:

  • personal questionnaire - download
  • photocopy of a college diploma
  • 2 pictures (35mm x 45 mm)
  • digital photo
  • Entry fees PLN 50 can be made to the account number (NEO bank 27 9068 1013 0000 0000 0173 2214)

application form




All installment amounts include a 10% discount for timely payment.
  • GOLD - NEOBANK 27 9068 1013 0000 0000 0173 2214
    GOLD - WBK 31 1090 1476 0000 0001 3246 2352
    DOLLAR - WBK 48 1090 1476 0000 0001 3258 0386
    EURO - WBK 32 1090 1476 0000 0001 3258 0383

    WBK Bank SWIFT number: WBKPPLPP

    In the name of the transfer, please enter:

    Name and surname (in particular if the account owner is different from the student, e.g. parent) album number and month of payment

    Design: Jan Nowak No. 122, 4/2016

We are happy to help - call or write to us!

Tuition fees for studies

And installment

II installments

X Rat

4 750 zł

2 375 zł

475 zł

-20% on subscription by the end of June
-15% on registration until the end of July
-10% on registration until the end of August
-5% when enrolling by the end of September